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Feelings of someone - EBT

Never do expect anything from anyone.  Good night friends 😴- Good night friends... Thanks for visiting our website..... Feel free to comment on your feedback related to this post. 

Patience needed - Edu Brilliance Tips

 Patience must in some cases. Good night friends Please like, share, and comment. Good night friends...  Thanks for visiting our website

Good night - Edu Brilliance Tips

 Morning and night always opposite to each other. Good night Chinna For more images, u can visit what's app quotes on the  main menu page and click to see. 😴 -  Good night friend's Thanks for visiting my website .

Good morning - Edu Brilliance Tips

Start your day in a good mood. Good morning everyone Good morning, good night and each day is a new day Thanks for visiting our website...

Making Rose flower by papers - Edu brilliance tips

Making Rose by Paper using Fluorescent printing papers: Explore your skills such as a beautiful flower that brings you a small smile on your face. It shows how the creative mind exists in your mind. Make your by your hands to see the amazing happiness to show your love towards the people. Each day very excited to see a smile on your face of parents. Rose flower by Fluorescent papers One day does present this beautiful flower to celebrate their birthdays, celebrations, and festivals as gifts. You also learn these skills to adopt a creative mind. This is a beautiful flower that I made to present towards you. Required equipment's :-   Fluorescent printing papers- (pink and green): each 2 papers   Thick long flexible wire -1 Glue Scissor Pencil How to do this beautiful flower, would like to know then watch this below video. If you like this video please Like, Share, and comment. Please subscribe to our channel and hit a bell icon to get notifications of the latest

Computer shortcuts on Functional keys

To  activate these functions, press and hold down <Fn> together with the keys described below - Edu brilliance tips These shortcuts are more useful to perform on a computer. Do you want to know the Functional keys on the keyboard? Then Scroll the page to find below . Functional keys are mandatory to set up according to your requirements. Fn + F1 = Suspend, to enter to sleep mode. Fn + F2 = Power saving, to enter power saving mode( CPU will keep the lowest speed). Fn + F3 = Display switch, to toggle between the devices that receive the video card's output. The default is a computer monitor only. Fn + F4 = Radio on/off, to turn all radios on or off. Fn + F5 = OSD, to show an OSD bar for knowing the definition of function keys. Fn + F6 = Touch pad, to enter Touch pad mode. Fn + F7 = Webcam on/ off, to enter Webcam on/off mode. Fn + F8 = Mute, to enter Mute mode. Fn + F9 = Volume down, to enter to Volume down mode. Fn + F10 = Volume up, to enter to Volume up mode. Fn

Multiplication of two digit numbers - Edu brilliance tips

Multiplication of  two-digit numbers - Math's tricks The teacher is a basic source of knowledge because each pupil can inculcate knowledge from them when they step into schools. So the teacher has the ability to make pupils' sustainable. The teacher/Professor has to do more attempts to create some knowledgeable skills to answer questions in an easy manner within a fraction of seconds.  Discussion with a friend to solve problems Toda y we discuss some problems with the multiplication of two numbers. 1. 72×78 =? Solution:  I step:   Multiply the unit number of LHS with the unit place digit/number of RHS.                                         ↓       ↓                               i.e. 72 ×78 = __ 1 6                                     II Step: Multiply the ten's place digit of LHS with that next number like if 2 then multiply 2 with 3, 3 with 4, and so on.                     ex: 2×3=6, 3×4=12, and so on In this given problem 7 is in ten's place. So Multiply

Language Coding problems for K-Set - Edu brilliance tips

K-Set - language code problems & Complete the Series: General Paper  Now way days solving problems in competitive examinations is a time taking process. Unable to attend all the problems in a suitable time provided by University. So it's a small help that we are doing to make you people to cross the margin. This article helps u to solve some problems with language coding and Complete the series problems. Below given  problems  is in MCQ format go through it. Getting confusion about how I solved this problem, then watch the video to understand completely .  Difficulty in solving problems, then choose Edu brilliance Tips  1. If KSET 2011 is coded as LUHX 3122, then how TREE 4233 will be coded? a) UTHH 5344 b) TUHH 4122 c)  HHTU 4122 d)  THHU 5344 Ans:  a) UTHH 5344 2. If GZWRF is coded as BURMA, then how LJWRFSD will be coded? a) HUNGARY b) AUSTRIA c) GERMANY d) IRELAND Ans: c) GERMANY 3. If NAME is coded as 13261422, then how TEAM will be code? a) 7222614 b) 1426227 c) 726221