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Lighten lamp at Diwali Festiwal - EBT

Diwali celebration by lightening the lamp without crackers. Avoid crackers  Celebrate this Diwali by saving the environment from pollution-free.  When the crackers burst creates a lot of noise along with air pollution. Due to this, so many animals get harmed. Heavy noise generated by these crackers so many animals being sensitive to tolerate those, so may have the chances of decaying and we may get suffering without those animals and birds. Lighten the lamp   Take this Diwali as a challenge to protect our environment from noise/sound and air pollution, to avoid ozone depletion. Being citizens of this nation and world, avoid those crackers which harmful to this environment.  And one more thing I would like to say in this festival that, those who suffer from asthma and Covid19 patients be careful and stay safe and be safe. Stay in a pollution-free environment which may lead to death also. Social news. Happy Diwali to all my friends and family members.  Thanks for visiting our webs

Think about the present and the Future - EBT

As temperature increases snow starts melting. meanwhile, forget your past, start thinking of the present and future. Think about the present and future. Every day so many people struggle with their past. Too much thinking of the past makes the person lack. The person was in mindlessness, So stop struggling with the past. Think of your problems as snow, as time passes the individual personality decreases, As days pass Problems also melts like snow anyone day. Think about your present and future. Be happy with what you desire. Stay safe and be safe. Thanks for visiting our website. Social media posts available on our  website, So you can follow and subscribe to more posts and articles.  Good night friends, be safe and stay safe.

Reach your goal - EBT

Reach your goal to get life satisfaction and be happy in your life.  Reach your goal What's quotes and quotations, that makes individual innovative and motivates for your successful life. Attain sustainability life and be happy forever. Each comment that motivates to do more images.  Thanks for visiting our website .  

Never give up by EBT

 Never give up.  To get satisfaction. To get satisfaction What's app quotes and quotations. Happy and satisfied with your achievement. Thanks for visiting our website... Any queries and feedback feel free to do comments. 

Happy moments - Edu brilliance tips

Happy moments Happy moments  Happy, satisfied, and excited What's app quotations for uploading on the status... Any queries and feedback comments on the comment section.  Surely I Will reply to your feedback.  Thanks for visiting our website  

Feeling about support - WhatsApp quotations by EBT

Feeling of support Supportive backbone  Feeling's, what's app quotations Thanks for visiting our website... Any suggestions and feedback would like to provide, then feel free to comment on this post. 

Reason for disappearance of Sparrows by EBT

  Characteristics of Sparrow’s and its Reason behind the disappearance                                                           Male sparrow  Female sparrow      Scientific name:  Passeridae    Speed: House Sparrow:  46  km/h               Lifespan: House sparrow:  3 years.          Sparrows are generally social birds, with many species breeding in loose colonies and most species occurring in flocks during the non-breeding season. They form large roosting aggregations in the non-breeding seasons that contain only a single species. Sites are chosen for the cover and include trees, thick bushes, and reed beds. Water bathing Dust bathing and water bathing Some Sparrow’s ( Passerine ) birds engage in dust bathing. Water bathing and dust bathing both similar for the sparrow standing in shallow water and flicking water over its back with its wings, also ducking its head under the water. Hundreds of involved in social activities and participating at once and followed by preening and g

Feeling's of couple's - EBT

Feeling of couples It's my Feeling... Good night friends. Feelings of couples Thank you for visiting our website. Share your feedback with comments.  

Emotions - what's app status

 Too much trust, that spoils your expectation. Trusting someone  Emotions, sad, What's App status Thanks for visiting our website.