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Computer shortcuts on Functional keys

To  activate these functions, press and hold down <Fn> together with the keys described below - Edu brilliance tips These shortcuts are more useful to perform on a computer. Do you want to know the Functional keys on the keyboard? Then Scroll the page to find below . Functional keys are mandatory to set up according to your requirements. Fn + F1 = Suspend, to enter to sleep mode. Fn + F2 = Power saving, to enter power saving mode( CPU will keep the lowest speed). Fn + F3 = Display switch, to toggle between the devices that receive the video card's output. The default is a computer monitor only. Fn + F4 = Radio on/off, to turn all radios on or off. Fn + F5 = OSD, to show an OSD bar for knowing the definition of function keys. Fn + F6 = Touch pad, to enter Touch pad mode. Fn + F7 = Webcam on/ off, to enter Webcam on/off mode. Fn + F8 = Mute, to enter Mute mode. Fn + F9 = Volume down, to enter to Volume down mode. Fn + F10 = Volume up, to enter to Volume up mode. Fn

Multiplication of two digit numbers - Edu brilliance tips

Multiplication of  two-digit numbers - Math's tricks The teacher is a basic source of knowledge because each pupil can inculcate knowledge from them when they step into schools. So the teacher has the ability to make pupils' sustainable. The teacher/Professor has to do more attempts to create some knowledgeable skills to answer questions in an easy manner within a fraction of seconds.  Discussion with a friend to solve problems Toda y we discuss some problems with the multiplication of two numbers. 1. 72×78 =? Solution:  I step:   Multiply the unit number of LHS with the unit place digit/number of RHS.                                         ↓       ↓                               i.e. 72 ×78 = __ 1 6                                     II Step: Multiply the ten's place digit of LHS with that next number like if 2 then multiply 2 with 3, 3 with 4, and so on.                     ex: 2×3=6, 3×4=12, and so on In this given problem 7 is in ten's place. So Multiply