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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Language Coding problems for K-Set - Edu brilliance tips

K-Set - language code problems & Complete the Series: General Paper

 Now way days solving problems in competitive examinations is a time taking process. Unable to attend all the problems in a suitable time provided by University. So it's a small help that we are doing to make you people cross the margin. This article helps u to solve some problems with language coding and Complete the series problems.
Below given problems is in MCQ format go through them. Getting confusion about how I solved this problem, then watch the video to understand completely

Difficulty in solving problems, then choose Edu brilliance Tips

 1. If KSET 2011 is coded as LUHX 3122, then how TREE 4233 will be coded?

a) UTHH 5344

b) TUHH 4122

c)  HHTU 4122

d)  THHU 5344

Ans:  a) UTHH 5344

2. If GZWRF is coded as BURMA, then how LJWRFSD will be coded?






3. If NAME is coded as 13261422, then how TEAM will be code?
a) 7222614

b) 1426227

c) 7262214

d) 7142622

Ans: a) 7222614

4. If 'BEBOBD' in code language means 'Canada' then the code 'MJABSC' will mean
a) Mumbai

b) Madras

c) Moscow

d) Brazil

Ans : d) Brazil

How to solve this coding do you want to know? Then click this link here to watch videos. And achieve your goals to be a master in your life. 

Below video related to how to solve problems on series. The is most important for competitive examination those who are willing and preparing for competitive exams like JET, JAM, KSET, and NET many more examinations.
Click the given link to watch videos on how to solve problems on series and Click the above video to see problems on language coding.


I hope this article will be more useful and In case any queries related to this feel free to ask me to get clear your doubts. 
Watch the video by clicking these videos link Click.

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